Type of fare collection / verification technology

Chengdu Card, cash, app QR code     (2019)  
Fuzhou Card, cash, Alipay     (2021)  
Guangzhou Card, cash, Alipay, Wechat     (2019)  
Guiyang Card, cash     (2018)  
Islamabad chip card     (2015)  
Kuala Lumpur Card, token     (2019)  
Lanzhou Card, cash, Wechat     (2019)  
Lianyungang Card, cash     (2017)  
Mexico City Card     (2013)  
Nanchang Cash, coin, card, alipay     (2019)  
Nanning Card, cash, Wehcat QR code     (2019)  
Pune paper ticket     (2015)  
Shanghai Card, cash     (2018)  
Urumqi Card, cash     (2019)  
Wenzhou Card, cash, Alipay, Wechat, Unionpay     (2018)  
Wuhan Card, cash, Alipay, Wechat     (2018)  
Xiamen Card, token, Wechat     (2019)  
Yichang Card, cash     (2019)  
Yinchuan Card, cash     (2019)  
Zhengzhou Card, cash, Wechat     (2019)  
Zhongshan Card, cash, Alipay     (2018)  

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