Fare type (flat fare or distance-based)

Amsterdam distance-based     (2018)  
Bangkok flat fare     (2018)  
Beijing distance-based    2 RMB for 1st 10km and 1RMB for each additional 5km, 50% off for smart card, started 26-Dec-2014 (2021)  
Bogota flat fare     (2016)  
Brisbane distance-based     (2017)  
Cali flat fare     (2013)  
Cape Town distance-based     (2012)  
Changzhou flat fare     (2021)  
Chengdu flat fare    Distance based set-up, though, with exit verification (2021)  
Dar es Salaam flat fare     (2017)  
Fengxian distance-based     (2021)  
Fuzhou flat fare     (2021)  
Guangzhou flat fare     (2019)  
Guiyang flat fare     (2020)  
Hangzhou flat fare     (2021)  
Islamabad flat fare     (2015)  
Jakarta flat fare     (2020)  
Jinan flat fare     (2020)  
Johannesburg distance-based    paper tickets replaced with AFC smartcards in July 2013 (2012)  
Kuala Lumpur distance-based    1.6-5.4 MYR (2019)  
Lanzhou flat fare     (2021)  
Leon flat fare     (2013)  
Lianyungang flat fare     (2020)  
Lima flat fare    Extra charge to transfer to feeders now scrapped (2011)  
Los Angeles flat fare     (2013)  
Mexico City flat fare     (2013)  
Nagoya distance-based     (2013)  
Nanning flat fare     (2020)  
Nantes distance-based     (2011)  
Pune distance-based     (2015)  
Quito flat fare     (2008)  
Shanghai flat fare     (2021)  
Urumqi flat fare    Though stations in line 1 have exit card scanners (2021)  
Wuhan flat fare     (2020)  
Xiamen distance-based    0.1 yuan/km, min 0.5 yuan, max 5 yuan (2019)  
Yichang flat fare     (2021)  
Yinchuan flat fare     (2021)  
Zhengzhou flat fare     (2019)  
Zhongshan flat fare    B17 is distance based, 2-3 yuan, full trip is 3 yuan, other routes are flat fare, 2 yuan (2018)  

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