Lead international design / planning work

Beijing Energy Foundation     (2015)  
Dar es Salaam Logit     (2017)  
Guangzhou Far East BRT experts working for ITDP     (2017)  
Hangzhou Wilbur Smith     (2017)  
Hanoi Various. See http://fareastbrt.com/en/feature/hnbrtjan17     (2017)  
Istanbul Embarq     (2012)  
Jakarta ITDP     (2013)  
Jinan Energy Foundation     (2014)  
Lanzhou ADB TA inputs; independant consultants; ITDP     (2018)  
Lima Taryet and Getinsa    Contracted by IADB under a Spanish Trust Fund (2011)  
Pune ITDP     (2015)  
Yichang Far East BRT experts working for ITDP     (2015)  

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